Private Internet Access Review (Update 2017) – Why should I use PIA VPN?

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Private Internet Access is a VPN brought by London Trust Media, Inc., working out of the US, who cases to have had an inside look of that it was so natural to keep an eye on the general population and how dynamic some corporate parts we’re in wrongfully doing as such. This impelled them to deliver software that would best secure regular web clients. Private Internet Access values the protection and security of the society as a requirement for flourishing and assorted qualities. PIA offers minimal costing yearly packages that pull in new users by the masses, and the general accord is that the service works, and no occurrences have happened of any clients whining of P2P notification or logged action. They take into account essentially any need, and despite the fact that they give less worldwide scope than most, the substantial measure of grouped servers keep the speed respectable on the greater part of their connection focuses.




Private Internet Access offers a sum of 3 plan choices, individually month to month, 6 months, or yearly. All the packages allow you to connect around 5 devices with the same account. This, furthermore to low costs, makes Private Internet Access one of the least expensive VPN service providers. The Yearly Package at $39.95 is one of the best offers you can get from any VPN supplier available today.

  • Month to month Package: $6.95 USD every month.
  • Yearly Package: $39.95 USD – Comes to $3.33 every month.
  • 6 Month Package: $35.95 USD – Comes to $5.99 every month.



Server Spread

Private Internet Access has included many new servers in the previous year to serve clients; more than 3342+ servers are as of now dynamic in 24+ unique nations covering 35+ districts on the globe. Notwithstanding, focus is by all accounts coordinated totally towards expanding the quantity of servers as opposed to entering new countries. This attestation are based on the way that less nations and areas are added to their list as contrast with the colossal measure of VPN secure servers, much more prominent than some other service supplier in the business.


Video and Features




Protocols and Encryption

Notwithstanding of all the esteem included components and advantages you can appreciate by interfacing a VPN, encryption is one of the center fixings that fulfill the most fundamental and essential needs – protection and security.

A VPN guarantees your classification through its encryption protocols. Besides, through its encryption protocols, a VPN encodes your information which minimizes the likelihood of your data getting misused or simply stolen.

We concentrated on the security elements of the service for our PIA VPN survey and reasoned that the supplier offers three burrowing conventions: PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is generally favored by VPN clients who need to get to geo-confined substance.

Furthermore, it fulfills the necessities connected with obscurity as your genuine IP is concealed the minute you connect to a VPN. PPTP has negligible effect on your Internet speed; in any case, it consequently offers shallow security.

The individuals who are worried about their security incline toward L2TP. L2TP is an advanced convention that offers total anonymity and equipped security. OpenVPN is then again is not generally the best protocols to use. Every one of the three unique protocols changes clients’ flexibility of decision alongside differing qualities.



We carry on with a busy way of life in a mechanically propelled time. Life today is truly on the go. Device compatibility in this manner is a standout amongst the most fundamental constituents you may consider before acquiring a VPN.

PIA VPN in such manner serves as a decent option that you can consider. The service is great with Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu.

How about we discuss the security of your Smartphone now? Private Internet Access VPN is additionally good with Android which is a standout amongst the most promptly embraced Smartphone stages alongside iOS. What’s more, you can undoubtedly arrange PIA VPN on your Boxee Box and it is likewise good with DD-WRT and Tomato Router.

Payment Methods

Variety in payment techniques offered by a VPN supplier is another key implement in buying a VPN. Different payment options give subscribers the freedom of choice in selecting the payment method which suits them best.

Private Internet Access VPN at present acknowledges payments through Credit Cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, Amazon, Ripple, CashU and OKPay. Google Wallet is another alternative you may incorporate into the list; be that as it may, it is as of now inactive.


Privacy Policy

Dissimilar to most VPN suppliers, Private Internet Access VPN has an unmistakably represented log and security strategy. The reason for this reality can be seen in the statement given beneath. The photo is taken from Private Internet Access’ legitimate site. We inspected the supplier’s protection arrangement for PIA VPN audit and discovered their claim:

Private Internet Access does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy”.



Free Trial

I know the greater part of you would have attempted to discover this segment the minute you got to this article. In any case, I don’t have uplifting news to offer here; on the grounds that, Private Internet Access VPN does not offer a free trial. I know a large portion of you would be stunned subsequent to reading our PIA VPN review. Truth be told, some of you may choose to turn down Private Internet Access VPN therefore.

In any case, there may be another part of this. A free trial is regularly offered to individuals with the goal that they can try the service and buy them on the off chance that they’re fulfilled. However, some VPN service suppliers indicate something and offer another. Individuals regularly gripe that network, speed and benefits connected with a VPN of trial are simply not similar at this point.

The VPN suppliers that don’t offer a free trial regularly display an unconditional promise with their service. Therefore, FREE trial is a master like no other; henceforth, it can be viewed as a disadvantage of Private Internet Access VPN.



Private Internet Access is continually hoping to grow and include new server options. A large number of servers have been included recently in the most recent two years. They have extended scope a tad bit to contact a bigger crowd, yet server limit has become exponentially so as to upkeep quick speeds with a developing client base. Starting 2016, I can at present certainly vouch for PIA as a decent decision, particularly if cost is a vital concern. The yearly package settles on for a top spending decision, with every record permitting up to 5 simultaneous connections at the same time.


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