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Overplay VPN is a UK-based VPN/DNS supplier that is still generally new on the scene with a developing system of servers and it covers most bases with regards to security conventions, offering PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN.



Overplay VPN is fundamentally new to the VPN and maybe everyone is not familiar with its services and features. May be the other individuals who have utilized Overplay VPN have different perspectives or encounters. Overplay VPN is a standout amongst the most inventive VPN providers in the business segment today. They are one of the speediest creating VPN benefit providers and their quality lies in strong gathering of servers arranged in 48 countries the entire route over the world. This assistants in giving Overplay the edge as to upgrading clients as they can give better speeds as a result of neighborhood closeness.


Overplay VPN offers 2 different types of pricing packages:


  • 1 Month @ $4.95
  • 3 Months @ 13.95 (Save 6%)
  • 6 Months @ 26.95 (Save 9%)
  • 12 Months @ 49.95(Save 15%)


SmartDNS + VPN

  • 1 Month @ $9.95
  • 3 Months @ $27.95 (Save 6%)
  • 6 Months @ $52.95 (Save 11%)
  • 12 Months @ $99.95 (Save 16%)




Overplay VPN has furnished it clients with an extraordinary determination of Server areas. Smart DNS has servers which are situated in more than 50 territories, while worldwide VPN alongside Smart DNS had servers in around 243 global areas with right around 12,000 clients with various IP addresses over the world.


Privacy and Security

Overplay VPN just logs connection times and data utilization sums which is the thing that most VPNs do. They won’t log what sites you went by. This doesn’t mean you can do whatever you need as everything can be followed back to you if you get reported by the site owners.

Overplay VPN is situated in the UK and subject to all UK laws and jurisdictional methods. In this way, in view of the past explanation, they would need to consent to legal requests from the best possible powers and turn over any internet activity data they had. In any case, it doesn’t show up they log any activity or use so they wouldn’t have much to turn over in that circumstance.

What sort of encryption does Overplay offer to their subscribers? Overplay VPN actualizes the OpenVPN convention as its essential default convention in both its Windows and Mac OS X customers. The figure utilized for server verification and control, TLSv1, figure TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, 1024 piece RSA. Information is encoded and decoded utilizing a BF-128-CBC figure introduced with a 128 piece key. SHA1-160 piece is utilized for HMAC verification. This implies you can simply be guaranteed that the greater part of your Internet sessions is safely encoded when connected with the Overplay VPN system of servers.

Free Trial

In spite of the fact that they don’t have a free trial, Overplay VPN realizes that you will need to experiment with their services so they are putting forth all new supporters a 5-day money back guarantee. This ought to give you enough time to test their service(s) for yourself. In the event that for any reason, you are not totally happy with it, they will return the full payment amount of your picked package. You should ask for this return inside five days of the purchase date. Demands made later than five days from purchased date won’t be considered.

Overplay Support

Overplay VPN gives day in and day out email ticket Support for any issues you may have. Most will be replied inside a day. Their formal ticketing framework has a layout to help you formalize and clear up your issue so that their support staff can give the answers you require. Their site has a broad support zone where you can see normal inquiries and support issues that have been responded in due order regarding different clients. The support region additionally has elegantly composed manual establishment and setup guides for every one of the conventions that they support if you choose not to utilize their easy to use custom VPN software and applications.


Overplay SmartDNS takes a shot at PCs, laptops, cell phones, tablets, game consoles and even Smart TVs. In the event that reality, any gadget that can stream media, interface with the Internet, and whose DNS settings can be changed can be designed to work with their services. A list of gadgets that they have guides for to setup for their SmartDNS includes the following:

  • PCs – Windows, Mac OS X
  • Cell phones – Android, iOS
  • Gaming consoles – PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 Wii U
  • Streaming devices – Amazon TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku
  • Smart TV – Samsung
  • Routers – D-Link, Asus, Linksys, NetGear, 2Wire, Apple AirPort, TP-Link, Huawei, DD-WRT


On the off chance that your gadget is not on this rundown but rather you can change the DNS settings for it, it is likely that it can be designed to run the Overplay SmartDNS benefit. Likewise, arranging their DNS servers on your switch will permit the majority of the gadgets associated with it to stream media.




Overplay VPN was one of the first VPNs to offer SmartDNS service in the VPN industry. Their JetSwitch feature and Turbo DNS framework make them the best SmartDNS service accessible today with more than 200 channels accessible and more than 150 being controllable inside JetSwitch. Add to this the way that they offer a quick VPN service with more than 300 servers around the globe and more than 10,000 shareable IP locations to secure your protection. This implies they offer the best of both universes, an uncensored web with protection and security if you need it.


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